Graduation Tonight

Hi S10,

Tonight’s the big night, graduation!!!

Remember Grade sixes we start at 6:30 sharp. Hopefully the dance, movie and slideshow all go off without a problem. I look forward to seeing you all there tonight and I also look forward to hearing how your first day at high school/college was today.

Cheers Mr.B.

kyya’s holidays

On the school holidays my mum, sister, cousin and i are going to Sydney, it is my cousin and my first time travelling on a plane so we are really excited and I have only been to south australia.We are leaving on Friday. We are staying in a hotel, while we are there we are going to the zoo, aquarium, Luna Park and we might go to Xfactor live shows. 🙂

My holidays

Over the holidays ill be going to Queensland with my parents. I cant wait to go because i have many family members over there that i havent seen in a while. I saw theat Queensland seems like a nice place with such good weather. I cant wait to explore the shops and different places its very exciting. We will be in a house near the beavh with an amazing view. We will be going for two weeks which will pass by quite quick while having fun. Hope to hear the great holidays everyone else is going to have.

My Holidays

On the holidays i will be going to Fountaingate with my cousin, my mum will drop us off and her mum will drop us off back home. At Fountain gate my cousin and i will be going shopping at all our favourite places and then we will go to the movies to watch smurfs 2 and i am so excited to go. later during that week i will be going to the movies again but with my brother and my nan to watch a new movie called Turbo. Then later we might go out for lunch and have some fun. on the second week of holidays i might go to a few sleepovers and go to my nans for the rest of the time.

What’s on for the holidays.

On the holidays I’m going to go to fantastic Renmark. It’s a fantastic place because all the people who live there are really nice. The weather there is nice, it’s never too hot and never too cold and it’s always sunny. There are alot of shops  and other buildings. Renmark takes 8hours to travel to in car because it’s in SA (South Australia). SA is in the country side so it’s really a peaceful place to live in. Renmark is located north west of Adelaide. Renmark is also near berry and cool tong. At Renmark the primary schools go up to year 8 and also the schools are over 100years old. I am really excited to seeing Renmark.